Paddle ball cans

By now you will know that tennis balls and paddle balls are not the same, although the diameter of the ball is the same. In the paddle balls the first thing that we find slightly different is the felt of the ball, the paddle ball has a felt indicated for the artificial grass surface that today is 95% of the tracks; this surface is not as abrasive for the ball as the old cement courts were. Another difference and perhaps almost more important than felt, is that paddle balls have 1 atmosphere less pressure, the reason is that the surface on which they are played is smaller so a boat is not needed so alive.

And the format in individual pot of 3 balls is the most widespread in paddle tennis for the same reason, it is a limited space in which the game takes place and it is about not having balls loose on the track because the risk of stepping on it and falling or injuring yourself is greater.

Why buy my cans of paddle balls at Onlytenis?

In our store you will always find paddle balls from the main brands such as Head, Wilson, Dunlop, Nox, and of the best qualities, those that meet the standards of the Spanish Federation of Padel and that we know that they will meet the expectations of the game.

Our team of professionals is prepared to always recommend the best paddle ball boats, since sometimes and depending on the conditions in which you play, there will be brands and models that will be better adapted to the conditions, such as if you play indoors and indoors, indoor courts, but outdoors or outdoors, so that the weather conditions will not be the same and will undoubtedly affect the behavior of the ball. It is not the same to play outdoors in summer and in a humid area of ​​the coast than in a closed area, everything affects the behavior of the ball and there are brands that defend better in some environments than in others.

Our team is prepared to answer your doubts and always recommend the one we believe will best cover your gaming needs and expectations.

It must be taken into account that using the appropriate ball cans will also extend the life of the blades, a ball for example that, due to the type of felt, is quickly loaded with moisture, will become a heavy ball and will be a stone impacting against the plane of your blades, affecting performance and making it easier for breakage to occur.

As you can see, choosing the right can of balls has its secret, but don't worry, we're here to help you.