Dunlop racket strings

Dunlop Sport is a veteran brand in the world of tennis, having been a company for more than 130 years, not only is it a pioneer in the manufacture of tennis rackets, it has also always had a strong presence in the world of squash, and the best way to consolidate its presence in the racket world is by offering its own strings where it has always offered high-quality polyester and multifilaments.

Within its entire range of tennis strings and squash strings, it presents many variations: In its range of multifilaments we find nylon strings of the highest quality, let us not forget that Dunlop began in the business world around 1888 inventing and patenting the tire for racing bicycles, revolutionizing the cycling and automobile industry, which are manufactured by fabrics.

Currently the strings it sells the most are polyester and co-polyester monofilaments, in squash finer gauge multifilaments are used and in tennis monofilaments in gauges 1.20, 1.25, 1.30 and 1.35, both round and the "spin" with triangular or pentagonal sections and designed more for players who play more topspin and look for effects in their shots.

Why buy strings at Onlytenis?

At Onlytenis we know the world of strings in a broad way, thanks to more than 30 years dedicated to the world of tennis and we know the importance of choosing a good string to achieve our goals on the court, and the strings Dunlop are part of the strings that we recommend from Onlytenis for the quality of their strings.

When it comes to equipping ourselves, it is important to choose a racket that adapts to our way of playing, Dunlop has a very interesting collection of frames to play tennis and that you can find on this website, but just as important o but it is the rope that we mount to our frame, Dunlop thinking about getting the most out of its frames, is concerned with manufacturing strings with the highest quality and at Onlytenis we are sure that this union of Dunlop elements gives extraordinary results.

Remember to choose your tennis string well, remember that at Onlytenis we can help you in a transparent and honest way, we will listen to your needs and always try to make sure that your choice is the right one, so that you can achieve your goals and develop your game in track. Always keep in mind the different types of string that exist and that not all are the same, that there are many qualities and that Dunlop strings are up there with the best strings on the market.

Our team is at your disposal to help you with everything you need so you can get the most out of your purchase. Nothing will ever be the same when you try Dunlop strings, you will feel their power and quality from the first impact with the ball and the rest is up to you.

Trust Onlytenis to choose your strings.