Discover everything that Wilson's Blade series of tennis rackets can give you

There are already eight generations of the Wilson Blade line of rackets and since its inception it has been the companion of some of the best ATP and WTA tennis players, helping them to achieve great success in their careers -

Did you know that the first Wilson Blade was orange? This first model was called the K Blade, it was launched in 2008 and some of the great players who are still competing today They were able to put it to the test, such as Novak Djokovic and the recently retired Jo-Wilfred-Tsonga who were the finalists of the Australia Open that year with his K Blade.

Over the years it has been improving its sensations and today it is easy to discover that many players use it, you just have to go around the professional tournaments and national circuits to see a lot of players competing with it .

Without a doubt, the Blade line was borntotally oriented towards competition, the combination of flexibility and stability provides players with a connection with the ball that they really like and the sensation of control that it transmits at all times. Thanks to its 98 in2/632.3 cm2 head size and slim profile it is remarkable.

Within the BLADE franchise there are models for all levels of competition, you just have to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Wilson Blade 98 V8 16x19. It is the most desired model by competition players looking for a control frame with good ball output, its weight of 305 grams gives you what you need to hit with forcefulness and its 16x19 string pattern provides the power you need in your hits.

Wilson Blade 98 V8 18x20. It has the same technical specifications except for the string pattern, which is 18x20 and is designed for advanced players. The string density further increases control over the shot and the player can calmly unleash as much force as he wants.

Wilson Blade 98S V8 18x16.< /a> Designed for advanced players who love spin and don't want to lose control of their shots. This model maintains the size of the head, the profile, but has an open pattern that allows the ball to catch more on the string when you topspin or cut the ball, increasing the spin of the shot and its power.

Wilson Blade 100L V8. This version was released for the first time in the V7 and was made so that players who play with less weight could have a version that provided more power, in this In this case, by having a head of 100 in.2/645.2 cm2, there is also a wider sweet spot with a weight of 285 grams

Wilson Blade 100UL. This Ultra Light version is designed so that younger competitors can continue to evolve by leaving their Blade Junior behind. It is the lightest version and is also perfect for casual players or beginners who want to enjoy a premium racket.

Wilson Blade 104 V8. It is the version with the largest head size 104 in.2/670 cm2 , a weight of 290 grams and a string pattern of 16x19., resulting in a wide sweet spot, greater power and all the essence of the Blade line.

Wilson Blade SW102 Autograph V7< /span>. As its name indicates, it is the one used by Serena Williams and it is a racket with outstanding precision and power , you just have to see how the player squeezes it in each of her games.

The Onlytenis team is prepared to be able to advise you at all times on the tennis racket that best suits your qualities and needs. You can contact us and we will solve all the doubts you have before choosing your Wilson Blade.