Tennis shoes for men

Footwear is probably the most important part of our equipment, surely some are thinking that it is the tennis racket, but it is not, health in sport begins with footwear, it begins with the health of our feet and of our extremities. Footwear is very important regardless of your gender or age, brands know that this is the case and devote great efforts to research and develop technologies that improve their products and protect players from the harshness of the sport based on their level of play. And the weight of the player. For this reason we have seen a remarkable evolution in terms of footwear in recent years and every year models come out with new materials and new technologies that further improve the offer by making a wide variety of products available to us.

What should I keep in mind when choosing my shoes?

Each sport needs specific shoes for its practice, shoes for someone who practices running are not the same as, for a tennis player, even within running, Cross shoes are not the same as those for asphalt .

All tennis shoes have some characteristics in common, and then each brand perfects each of these characteristics to offer us a multitude of options.

Tennis shoes have the following characteristics in common:

Wide support heel and front part to perform supports correctly and avoid braking in lateral displacements that the ankle goes.

Generous damping for energy management in both supports and jumps.

Low shoe upper (normal), we do not usually see high-top shoes in tennis because it is convenient to have a free ankle joint.

Variable features:

Materials used in the upper part of the shoe. Not many years ago, the predominant material was the use of leather, as it allows the foot to have freedom of movement, perspiration is correct and the durability is correct as well. With the advances and studies of the brands in their laboratories, various materials such as nylon, Mesh and synthetic leather were introduced.

In damping each brand has developed advanced systems that help absorb and manage the energy generated during In the past, EVA rubber was used, but currently, apart from rubber, which is already of various types, each brand has advanced and patented systems such as the GEL system from ASICs or Boost from Adidas, to give an example.

Some brands have introduced anti-torsion systems in the midsole that favor the stability of the foot in lateral movements and /or reinforcements in the heel area.

Regarding the soles, there are different qualities and compounds, the objective is that the resistance to abrasion is correct and lengthen the life of the shoe. Each court needs a type of sole and the compound used in All Court sole (hard court) is not the same as Clay (clay). It is very important to use the appropriate sole for each surface and avoid injuries.

This in relation to technical issues, regarding personal circumstances, we recommend that you carefully analyze the weekly use that you are going to give it.

  • If you are an occasional player once a week, mid-priced shoes will be more than enough for you to enjoy tennis with guarantees.
  • If, on the other hand, you play or train 3 or more times a week, we recommend that you look for a medium-high model, the price increase guarantees that the technologies implemented are designed for players who do a more intensive use, that the materials are more appropriate for the use given to them and are better adjusted to the player's level of demand.

Each one of the decisions you make when buying your shoes will affect your health, remember that Onlytenis has a team of professionals who will listen to you and advise you at all times to help you make the right purchase and that meets your needs.