How to choose the best padel shoes for women?

As it happens in almost all sports, the purchase of shoes should be our first decision and dedicate the part of our budget that corresponds to it, since our health depends largely on wearing appropriate shoes, and in the case The same thing happens with the paddle tennis shoe as with the tennis shoes. We are facing a sport that is aggressive in its movements, which are mainly lateral slides, starts and jumps, so we are going to explain what you have to take into account to buy "the best padel shoes for women".

First, we are going to choose the sole  that we must use and for this we have to know what surface we are going to play on usually. Currently, the most used surface is artificial grass, this surface consists of polyethylene fibers (other materials are also used) and silica sand, and for this type of surface there are two types of soles: omni and clay.

- The Clay sole consists of a fine and deep serrated herringbone pattern that allows the sand to slide between the sole and the surface efficiently, allowing us to slide and brake on demand, avoiding unexpected slips and consequently injuries.

- The Omni sole is composed of small round studs, this sole is used above all on natural grass where the turf surface is natural soil not silica sand. It was the first sole that was used, since it is also very efficient with sand and artificial grass, you can use it without any problem.

- All Court, sole. We will only choose this sole if the courts in which we play are what is called “court hard”, these courts are made of cement or asphalt surface. They are not suitable for the artificial grass sole, since we would slip if we did not have a pattern.

Secondly, it is important that we analyze that damping we need. There are several types of shock absorbers on the market, and each brand gives it a name. Normally, the higher priced shoes have more advanced and efficient cushioning and the lower priced ones are more basic. The purchase of shoes is always an investment in health, and we recommend that you decide your investment based on the use you give the shoes, if you play one or less times a week, and you do not have any special needs, it is not necessary that you choose high ranges, but if you use them two or more times a week, our recommendation is that you invest in them and save on health.

Thirdly, check in what material they are made of , depending on the material you will have greater breathability and foot support. The main materials used are Mesh with TPU reinforcements, high quality synthetics and medium quality synthetics. In all mid-range shoes, you will find an acceptable level of ventilation and remarkable support. It is important to analyze how often we play or train, and once again make the decision to make an investment in good padel shoes.

Other factors to consider

The brands today have laboratories and collaborations with important universities for the study and development of their products, that is why over the years they have been implanting advanced technologies that take care of our feet and of our body in general.

Choose shoes from the leading brands on the market, with anti-torsion technologies, heel stabilization technologies and good cushioning.

At Onlytenis there is a team of professionals prepared to give you all the answers you need and help you choose the padel shoes that best suit your needs.