Babolat racket bags

If you are a fan of the brand, and you use their tennis rackets, you have to transport them in the safest way and there is no doubt that the best place to travel is a Babolat racket bag. p>

The brand has always been clear that the tennis player is a person who values details and likes quality, Babolat has always taken this into account and has known how to fulfill this desire, creating a line of racket bags with the colors of each of the franchises.

Pure Drive, Pure Aero, Pure Strike and EVO, but this is not new, other franchises that have already disappeared or evolved also had their line of racket bags such as Pure Control, Pure Storm.

Within the racket bag collection we find racket bags with capacity for three, six, nine, or twelve tennis rackets. The number of rackets that it is capable of transporting helps us to get an idea of the space we have available to carry our rackets and other material that we usually transport to our training sessions or matches.

How to properly choose our Babolat racket bag?

As we mentioned in the previous section, there are several sizes, and we will help you choose the one that best suits you.

Babolat racket bag capacity 3 rackets, is the size selected by younger players or those who move to the club with what fair. As indicated, up to three tennis rackets can fit in a single compartment, it is appropriate for carrying a tennis racket, a change of clothes or towel, toiletry bag or shoes, and a can of balls. For transport, they only have a shoulder strap. If you want to bring three rackets and additional equipment, we recommend the next size.

Babolat racket bag with capacity for 6 rackets, it is the most used by the average player, it has two compartments where You can place 3 rackets in each of them or, as is more common, load the rackets in one of them and use the other for clothes, shoes and other types of equipment that we usually take with us. For transport, they have a shoulder strap and in some models they already have two adjustable straps to carry it as a backpack.

Babolat racket bag with capacity for 9 rackets, players who travel to tournaments or travel to different clubs to train use This racket bag that normally has two large compartments, a separate compartment for shoes and some auxiliary on the smaller sides. The capacity of this racket bag is appropriate for most amateur or semi-pro players. In this category of racket bags it is common to find that one of the compartments for the rackets is thermo and helps to keep the temperature of the rackets constant, preventing the tension of the strings from deteriorating. For its transport they have two adjustable straps to be able to carry it as a backpack, which is the most comfortable way due to the weight that it is already capable of carrying.

Babolat racket bags with capacity for 12 rackets, this format is used by professional or semi-professional players, in Both cases usually travel to competitions and to carry out these trips it is perfect, being able to carry the maximum amount of material in one place. They are divided into three compartments where at least one of them is Thermo and have a separate compartment for our shoes, rackets, clothes, strings, overgrips and everything we need will be perfectly located in an orderly and safe way.

Surely now it will be easier for you to identify which format best suits your needs.

Why buy my Babolat racket bag at Onlytenis?

In our store we always have a wide range of Babolat racket bags to the best, and you will have a professional to help you in your choice and answer your questions.

We offer you a personalized and fast service so that you have your Babolat tennis racket bag at home as soon as possible, and you can start enjoying it. Your Babolat tennis rackets will always travel in “first”!