How to choose my Wilson racket bag?

The purchase of your racket bag is important, and you cannot go wrong in your choice, that's why Wilson offers you a wide range of tennis racket bags in all sizes and designs, so that you can always find what you need, from the largest sizes for professionals to those for younger audiences, such as its Minions line.

To correctly choose the racket bag that will accompany you for the next few years, you must take into account several factors:

Size, it is essential to buy a size that is appropriate for our needs in the medium term. In the racket bag we usually carry our tennis rackets and apart from other types of material such as clothes, shoes, accessories. It is crucial to think in the medium term what use we are going to give it, if we compete, if we are going to have more than one racket, etc. You will see that in the nomenclature mention is made of being x3, x6, x9, x12 or x15 racket bags. These values refer to the number of rackets you can carry and help us to get an idea of the volume of the racket bag.

Number of compartments, each size has a configuration of compartments, it is important to know the use that we are going to give it and how we want or would like to carry our material.

How to transport it, each size has different elements for its transport, the sizes with capacity for three or six rackets usually have an adjustable shoulder strap and carrying handle and the larger ones size two straps to be able to carry it on the back as a backpack and transport handles.

In Wilson there are lines of racket bags for the main franchises of the brand in which the design adopts the colors of the rackets, and a wide range of racket bags in the classic lines of the brand with the corporate colors, which is mainly red or Grand slam designs such as the US Open or Roland Garros. We tell you about the lines and the player profile for which they are designed.

Super Tour Pro Staff V14, Super Tour Clash V2, Super Tour Blade V8Tour Ultra V4 and Tour and Super Tour models, are the lines designed for professionals or players who want the best of the best. Finished in premium materials, Thermoguard temperature control technologies and at the level of the most demanding.

Team line, designed with quality Wilson materials, with an offer in all sizes and with more affordable prices for those players who do not travel and want to go to the club to their classes and/or matches transporting their equipment in a safe and elegant way.

And these are the sizes you'll find at Wilson:

• Racket bag capacity 3 rackets, is the size chosen by younger players or those who move to the club with just enough. As indicated, up to three tennis rackets can fit in a single compartment, holding a tennis racket, a change of clothes or towel, a toiletry bag or shoes, and a can of balls. For transport, they only have a shoulder strap.

• Racket bag with capacity for 6 rackets, it has two compartments where you can place 3 rackets in each one of them or, as is more common, load the rackets in one of them and use the other. for clothing, footwear and other types of equipment that we usually take with us. For transport, they have a shoulder strap and in some models they already have two adjustable straps to carry it as a backpack.

• Racket bag with capacity for 9 rackets, players who travel to tournaments or travel to different clubs between use this racket bag that normally has two large compartments, an independent compartment for shoes and some auxiliary ones on the smaller sides. In this category of racket bags it is already common to find that one of the compartments for the rackets integrates Thermoguard temperature control technology and helps to keep the temperature of the rackets constant, preventing the string tension from deteriorating. For its transport they have two adjustable straps to be able to carry it as a backpack, which is the most comfortable way due to the weight that it is already capable of carrying.

• Racket bags with capacity for 12 and 15 tennis rackets, this format is used by professional or semi-professional players, in both cases they usually travel to competitions and to carry out these trips it is perfect, being able to carry the maximum amount of material in one place. They are divided into three compartments where at least one of them has Thermoguard temperature control technology, they have an independent compartment for our shoes, rackets, clothes, strings, overgrips and everything we need will be perfectly located in an orderly and safe way.

Why buy a Wilson racket bag?

Due to its quality, without a doubt, Wilson has spent many years building racket bags for the best players in the world, including Roger Federer, and has always done a great job of innovation and design (r+d) in its products, collecting the knowledge of the players. Players who are part of the brand. This is a guarantee of success when buying our racket bag, because we know that it is not just a bag, but years of work and study so that in the coming years our tennis rackets and equipment will travel first class.

I'm sure you know people in your club who have Wilson racket bags that are a decade old and are built to last with minimal care, cleaning and use, becoming part of us. Manufactured with the best materials, the best finishes and designed to make our lives easier.

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