Why buy tennis ball boxes?

Savings, that is one of the main reasons to buy tennis ball cans by drawers, each drawer always contains 72 balls, in the event that they are cans of tennis balls of 3 units, it will be made up of 24 boats and in the case that they are boats of 4 balls, they will be 8 boats per drawer.

Another reason is the ease of storing our ball cans both in the case of clubs and tournaments.

Buy boxes of tennis balls at Onlytenis

At Onlytenis we always have a wide range of tennis ball boxes from the main brands and models, Dunlop, Wilson, Tecnifibre, Babolat. Our team of professionals is at your disposal to always advise you on the ones that best suit your needs, whether due to the type of track, weather conditions or the use you are going to give it, a training ball is not the same where the requirement of the ball is the durability regardless of other factors, that if the use is going to be a tournament or event where a higher quality ball that is up to the task will undoubtedly be necessary.

At Onlytenis we always provide a fast and agile service in shipping, you will receive the order by courier where you indicate us, the boxes will be treated with care during transport so that you always receive your order of balls in optimal conditions.


We guarantee that the ball boxes are stored responsibly in a dry area and out of the reach of sunlight, thus avoiding exposing the boxes to changes in temperature that could affect their the properties of the ball. In this way we always guarantee that the ball you receive is in perfect condition for use, preserving all its properties.

Types of tennis balls

Tennis balls are always made up of the rubber sphere that will be responsible for the ball's bounce and the felt (usually yellow) that surrounds the rubber and is made of synthetic wool. The quality of each ball will depend on the quality of both components, the type of rubber used, its density and its quality, will determine in part the quality of the ball, providing a more regular or irregular bounce, in one or another surface, as well as a slower or faster loss of pressure. On the other hand, the felt also plays an important role, in this material there are also qualities that will condition the bounce of the ball and will also affect the contact of the ball with the string of the racket when hitting it.

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