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At Onlytenis we will always offer you everything you need to practice your favorite sport from padel rackets, padel shoes, all kinds of accessories for your racket and for you as a player and the most important thing is padel balls . In our store you will find a wide range of padel ball boxes from the main brands such as Head, Bullpadel, Nox, Tecnifibre padel, Volkl Pádel, Dunlop.

Not only do we have a wide variety of brands in padel ball boxes, but we also have the best prices on the market so that you can save when equipping your clubs by buying the balls by drawers.

Each box is made up of 24 cans of balls and each can of balls is made up of three units, always being 72 balls that make up the box. One of the reasons for this amount is because the universal training baskets have a capacity for 72 balls, in this way the coaches/instructors always have the basket with the ball that takes the same amount of time. open and that deteriorates at the same time in a uniform way, and when it comes to replacing it, he opens an entire drawer and replaces it.

Both for clubs and tournaments, it is easier to store the ball in boxes and better manage its use. The drawers also serve to better preserve the ball until the moment of its use, the cardboard of the box helps to maintain a constant temperature of the boats inside and also protects it from light. The ball is made up of a rubber ball and the yellow felt (or another color) is usually synthetic wool, both materials suffer from changes in temperature and humidity, above all, reducing the properties of the ball, despite the fact that it is found in pressurized cans, which only helps the ball maintain pressure while the can remains hermetically sealed.

Place your order in boxes of paddle balls

At Onlytenis we guarantee that all our boxes are stored in optimal conditions for the preservation of the ball, in a dry place, so we can guarantee that our customers will always receive their order of tennis boxes paddle ball in optimal conditions for use. Just as we guarantee that the transport of this to its destination is carried out in a controlled manner to prevent the boxes from being hit, for this we always send them with responsible courier companies that will take care of your ball boxes during their transport.< /p>

As always, at Onlytenis we will be happy to help you choose the type of padel ball box that best suits your needs, our team of professionals is at your disposal.