The Wilson Pro Staff franchise was born in the mid-1980s, revolutionizing the world of tennis by incorporating braided graphite. Over the years, this technology has evolving and other models of the brand have been enjoying it. Since its inception it has been a racket designed for advanced and professional players, today the head size is 97 in² but it became only 85 inches/ 548 cm², 90 and 95 inches/ 612.5 cm².

In its origins it was a heavy racket with thin profiles of 17 mm and 20 mm. At the end of the 80s, the Pro Staff 6.0 Original model was manufactured, including Kevlar in its manufacture, providing new sensations so special to players that not long ago the Pro Staff 6.0 25th Anniversary was marketed, and it was a success. of sales. Some nostalgic may remember her for the 64 titles Pete Sampras won with her.

Of course, 30 years of life goes a long way and the franchise has never stopped evolving hand in hand with one of the best players in history, Roger Federer. Today We enjoy the thirteenth generation (V13.0) a tennis racket that has a racket for each type of player, preserving the essence at all times and writing the recent history of our tennis.

What's yours?

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 V13.0 Autograph.< /span> One of the rackets most demanded by advanced and professional players, an evolution of the legendary Pro Staff 6.0 with Roger Federer's laser-engraved signature and outstanding performance and efficiency on the court.

Wilson Pro Staff 97 V13.0. A lighter version than the RF97, this model weighs 315 grams so that it is easier to handle without reducing its high performance. Absolute control in your shots with excellent power.

Wilson Pro staff 97L v13.0. Perfect tennis racket for medium-advanced level players, same cosmetics as its older sisters and outstanding performance in all facets of the game.

Wilson Pro Staff 97UL V13.0< /a>. Lighter version of the franchise designed for young players who go from junior to adult and for beginner players who want to enjoy a premium racket.

There are Pro Staff versions for beginner players that have technologies from previous models and that you can acquire at a better price. price and with more appropriate characteristics to indicate you, such as the Pro Staff Team model and Precision 100.

The tennis rackets of the Pro Staff line are much more than a racket, they are a piece of history in the world of tennis and you will never want to get rid of it.

The Onlytenis team is at your disposal to guide you and help you choose the one that best suits your game and needs.