Tennis shoes for women

Footwear is always the most important accessory in the practice of any sport, the use of appropriate footwear will guarantee that we practice this in a healthy and appropriate way. This means that the shoe is designed and manufactured with the characteristics of the sport that we are going to practice in mind, in this case at hand, tennis.

Tennis is a sport dominated by lateral movements from one side of the court to the other, going up to the net and jumping when hitting. This requires that the shoes have an adequate contact surface with the court both in the heel and in the forefoot, and that the sole compound is appropriate for the characteristics of the surface.

The most common surfaces in tennis are:

Hard court, it can be Tennis-Quick, cement, asphalt... In this case we must select an ALL COURT shoe, the compound of the sole will be more appropriate for the abrasion produced by this type of surface and the pattern of the sole will also optimize our movements on it during our training sessions or matches.

Clay Court or Beaten Earth, brick dust is a slippery surface if a shoe with the sole is not used. Suitable, in this case, the pattern of the sole is a fine and deep serrated herringbone. The use of this sole allows the clay dust that is trapped between the sole and the surface to be evacuated correctly and allows us to slide and brake on demand, the effect is similar to that of water in car tires.

Natural or artificial grass court, the most appropriate sole for this type of surface is the omni sole that is composed of small studs that allow us to have traction on this surface and that we can also slide and brake on demand. It is usual that clay-soled shoes are also used on these surfaces because they work very well.

What should I keep in mind when choosing my shoes?

The easiest way to get it right is to answer these questions:

How many times a week do I play or practice tennis?, if we only play 1 hour or an hour and a half, it is not necessary to select a high-end shoe, the most affordable shoes will perfectly meet our needs. The main brands offer appropriate qualities and qualities for this player profile.

If instead you play or train several days a week, the recommendation is that you invest a little more in mid-high range shoes, the cushioning and technologies of these models are developed for more demanding players.

What surface do I usually play on?, as it is not usual to have a pair of shoes for each surface, it is important to assess which one we play in for the longest time to decide on the sole that fits that surface. Eventually you can play with All Court soles on clay courts and vice versa, but you should bear in mind that a clay sole used continuously on hard courts deteriorates the sole very quickly.

If you are a tall and heavier person, we recommend that you do not skimp on good shoes with good cushioning and anti-torsion elements.

Characteristics of the shoes

Tennis shoes have the following characteristics in common:

Support heel and wide front part to perform supports correctly and avoid braking in lateral displacements that the ankle goes.

Generous damping for energy management in both supports and jumps.

Low shoe upper (normal), we do not usually see high-top shoes in tennis because it is convenient to have a free ankle joint.

Variable features:

Materials used in the upper part of the shoe. Not many years ago the predominant material was the use of the skin, because it allows the foot to have freedom of movement, the perspiration is correct and the durability correct as well. With the advances and studies of the brands in their laboratories were introducing various materials such as nylon, Mesh and synthetic leather.

In damping each brand has developed advanced systems that help absorb and manage the energy generated during In the past, EVA rubber was used, but currently, apart from rubber, which is already of various types, each brand has advanced and patented systems such as the GEL system from Asics or Boost from Adidas, to give an example.

Some brands have introduced in the midsole anti-torsion systems that favor the stability of the foot in lateral displacements and /or reinforcements in the heel area.

And, as we mentioned in the introduction, the type of sole.

Each one of the decisions you make when buying your shoes will affect your health, remember that Onlytenis has a team of professionals who will listen to you and advise you at all times to help you make the right purchase and that meets your needs.

Remember, the greeting begins with the feet.