What would your tennis racket be without the accessories?

You have already chosen your racket from our extensive catalogue, are you happy? - Well, don't leave it halfway, now you have to select which string you are going to play with, you can consult our offer or speak directly with someone from our team of professionals, perhaps a Solinco, Tecnifibre, monofilament, multifilament string, do you have any doubts? Ask us.

Now yes! Discover our extensive catalog of accessories for your racket, don't leave it halfway, each and every one of them fulfills a useful function and will help you take care of your health, the main accessories are directly involved, which are grips, overgrips and anti vibrators.

Overgrips. It is very important to have a good grip on the racket, the overgrip fulfills several functions as impossible as it may seem. Its main functionality is to absorb the sweat from our hands (or the one that slides down our arms to our hands, for not using wristbands), this allows us a dry and firm grip that will prevent it from slipping and flying out of our hands at some point. movement (this is its second function, that our frame does not fall and break due to a fortuitous blow) and last but not least, it subtly adjusts the size of the fist to our hand and generates more comfort in the grip, it seems secondary but a bad grip is the beginning of important injuries.

Anti vibrators. Many of you will hear that they are not necessary, but what they really are not is essential. Once you use them you will no longer be able to play without them. Its main and unique but very important mission is to absorb part of the vibrations that occur in the string sieve when we hit the ball, this helps reduce the vibrations that reach the frame and consequently the frame will be able to eliminate or minimize the rest in a more efficient way, preventing them from reaching the hand and ending up damaging our arm over time. can you play without them? - YES, should you play without them? – NO

Grip Base. On occasion we have known players who remove them and mount overgrips on the rod, frankly we It is horrifying because we know of the possible ailments that this grip on the joints of the arm ends up producing. The base grip has two main missions, the first is to slightly pad the grip of the handle and secondly to absorb sweat from the hand, the problem with this second function is that if you don't use overgrip you will have to change the base grip very quickly. frequently since it becomes relatively easily saturated with moisture and quickly loses its properties, this being almost 5 times more expensive than an overgrip.

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On our website you will find a very wide range of accessories for your rackets, from the best brands and at the best prices, you have already seen that it is not just any element and that they have a very special mission. If you have doubts about your choice, remember that you have a team of professionals at your disposal to clear up your doubts and always advise you in a professional and safe way.

See you on the slopes!