Head Gravity tennis rackets

The second generation of Head Gravity tennis rackets has managed to consolidate the success of this tennis racket in the market since Head launched it on the market and players like Zverev took it to the court.< /p>

The Gravity series enters the market with a low stiffness index, as a perfect racket for all types of players thanks to the hitting sensations it offers and the features it develops.

Once again it has the Graphene 360+ technology, combining the stability and power of the Graphene 360 ​​with the Spiral Fibers in the head part to achieve improved sensations. It has a low stiffness that will allow us to take care of the health of the arm, perfect for players who are prone to injuries.

Within the series you will find a version for each type of player:

Head Gravity Pro, together with the Tour model, it is the most suitable models for professional players, due to its weight of 315 grams and its thin profile. Complete control over the stroke.

Head Gravity Tour, it is the most similar to the Pro version but with a weight of 305 grams that gives it control but adds power thanks to a wider profile.

Head Gravity MP, is the most commercial version and prepared for all types of player can enjoy the benefits of this racket. Its 295 grams and a less dense pattern balance control and power, making it very versatile.

Head Gravity MP Lite, lighter weight version of the MP model, in this version the weight is 280 grams combining power, control and comfort . This version allows intermediate players to enjoy a great racket.

Head Gravity S, if you are looking for an intermediate level racket, the Head Gravity S is your racket, with above average sensations for its level and qualities at the highest level, this is the ideal racket for players who grow in their game.

Head Gravity Lite, the lightest version of the Gravity series is a perfect racket for players making the jump from a junior module to a Adult racket, due to its unstrung weight of 270 grams, it is a racket that is also perfect for beginner players.

Head Gravity 25 and 26 inches, the replicas of the adult versions for junior players who compete and need an integrated racket, with low stiffness and great performance.

The Gravity series of tennis rackets set other brands a path forward in the development of tennis rackets and is one step ahead.