Lacoste tennis rackets and their history

To understand these rackets, we must first meet René Lacoste , who at 18 years old made the decision to focus on his passion for tennis, training tirelessly to perfect strength, precision and concentration. of the. Willing to be “as perfect as possible”.

he won 10 Grand Slam tennis tournaments, from the beginning he sculpted the handle of his racket and covered it with surgical tape to improve its grip and later he came up with a lighter and easier to handle racket giving rise to the racket of metal. Also in search of high performance, he created the tennis ball machine, without a doubt he was an inventor who also made more than 30 patents between 1960 and 1980.

Following the spirit of René Lacoste, he participates in the sponsorship of major tournaments such as Roland Garros and in 2017 buys the Tecnifibre racket manufacturer in order to continue participating intensely in the world of tennis. tennis. In this way, he closes the circle, since he already dressed many players on the ATP and WTA circuit, such as the world number 1 Novak Djokovic.

Apart from the textile lines, Lacoste is strongly committed to tennis shoes, tennis bags and tennis rackets, some of the first models with The ones currently on the market are the following and we know that little by little it will expand its offer to everyone's delight.

Lacoste L20L . With its weight of 275 grams it is perfect for a wide range of players, it is perfect for beginners looking for a premium racket, for junior players moving on to adult and for advanced players looking for a premium racket. they need a light racket.

Lacoste L20 . This model is the most demanded, it has a balanced weight of 290 grams, it is a very versatile tennis racket and allows you to perfectly develop your game whether you are a long-distance player track as if you are more than network.

The collection of Lacoste tennis rackets is designed for everyone and as is typical of the brand, with some very studied and elegant designs , which will undoubtedly give you personality .

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