The revolution came with the Wilson Clash rackets

The tennis world was clamoring for a tennis racket designed specifically for the modern swing. Wilson LABS got down to work and the result was the birth of the Clash, which has two great virtues: maximum flexibility and stability.

What is the secret of the Clash?

The secret is that they have achieved a frame that bends in both directions, both vertically and horizontally, in this way they have managed to maximize power, control, depth and precision. And as a result they patented two FreeFlex and StableSmart technologies, with them they have manufactured the carbon fibers at unconventional angles while giving rise to a frame geometry unique.

The next step was to put it in the hands of hundreds of players so that they could make the most of its possibilities and endorse the quality of the product that you can enjoy today on the court. This 2022 Wilson rackets has revealed the natural evolution and you can now enjoy the second generation of the Clash, the V2.0.

Now discover which one best suits your needs and qualities, because you can choose from the extensive variety that Wilson has displayed.

Wilson Clash 100 Pro V2.0. Consistency, stability, power and improved sweet spot are some of the benefits of this 310-gram version designed for the most advanced and demanding players.

Wilson Clash 98 V2.0. It has the smallest head of the entire series, a weight of 310 grams and a performance at the height of the most advanced players. A flexibility and stability that provide the player with unique sensations. p>

Wilson Clash 100 V2.0. Apart from its brutal design with its cherry red color, this version is the most demanded by players, as it weighs 295 grams suitable for most players and manages to squeeze the most of the qualities of the Clash.

Wilson Clash 100L V2.0. You will achieve all the benefits of his older sister, but with a lower weight that will make it easier for you to handle it even more. Its 280 grams weight make it perfect for intermediate-advanced players with a remarkable evolution in their tennis.

Wilson Clash 100UL V2.0 . The lightest version weighing only 265 grams is designed for young players who compete with their younger junior sisters and make the leap to adult. It is also recommended for beginner players who want to start with a premium racket.

Wilson Clash 108 V2.0. It is the version with the frame more tolerant by expanding its head up to 108 inches, offering a very wide sweet spot and a weight of 280 grams that make it ideal for those who enjoy a high learning line.

You won't be able to say that Wilson hasn't thought of you since you have a wide range of possibilities in the Clash V2.0 line that will surely provide you with some splendid years of tennis.< /p>

At Onlytenis you have a team of professionals who will advise you if you need it in order to make the most appropriate decision. If you have doubts, contact us and a professional will listen to you and facilitate the choice of your racket.