Paddle accessories

It gives the impression that accessories are hardly necessary in padel, but they really are very important and we want to detail what they are, their use and relevance.

Base grip: the grip of the paddle tennis racket, as with tennis rackets, is essential. A good grip allows us first of all a firm and safe execution of our blows during the game, that light padding makes the support appropriate, we always recommend not to grip the paddle blade (or with an overgrip). ) although it may seem insignificant to us, the vibrations that reach the grip are transmitted worse with a grip.

Overgrip: the use of overgrip is almost essential, this accessory performs the function of absorbing moisture from the hand in an efficient way preventing our fist from slipping when hitting, missing the blow or even worse that the shovel falls out of our hand and hits us. It is much cheaper to replace an overgrip every time it is necessary than a base grip, which becomes saturated much faster with moisture, losing efficiency. You will notice that the function of the two is well differentiated.

Protector for the blade: It consists of an adhesive element that is placed on the profile at the top of the shovel and reaching approximately to the sides. This element is made of scratch-resistant materials and its mission is to prevent wear and damage to the profile of the blade. Today there are many models of paddle tennis rackets that already come with a factory-mounted protector.

Vibration dampers: this accessory was launched on the market relatively few years ago, they are rubber pieces that are strategically placed in some holes of the padel racket in order to absorb the greatest number of vibrations that are generated in the racket when hitting. They seem simple, but just like tennis rackets, this piece of rubber takes care of the health of our arm in an active and efficient way.

Textile accessories: It is not about being handsome or pretty (which is not too much) but its mission is beyond. Wristbands to prevent the sweat that falls down our arms from reaching our hands, producing that sensation of lack of grip due to excess moisture and helping us to dry the sweat on our forehead in the most intense matches, caps, hair bands and visors to protect us from the sun and to prevent sweat from falling down our face into our eyes.

As you can see, they are very important and we recommend that you equip yourself properly to enjoy paddle tennis intensely.

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