Do you want some Yonex Vcore?

There are three premium tennis racket lines Yonex, Ezone, VCore Pro and the VCore and so that you understand the quality of this tennis racket and why you are going to want a VCore we are going to tell you a little history.

Yonex, founded by Minoru Yoneyama upon his return to Japan after World War II in order to support his family, originally manufactured wooden buoys for fishing nets, but modern advances at the time eventually closed the company that I founded with such enthusiasm. This situation was undoubtedly a life lesson for Minoru and today it is the essence of the brand, the Japanese promised himself that new technologies would never leave him behind and that his company would always be at the forefront of innovation, until This is still the case today and that is why Yonex is the fourth largest racket company in the world and the most used among the Top 100 players.

One of the things that most distinguishes Yonex is that being faithful to its origins and its excellence, they design, develop and manufacture their own products in Japan under the dedication to quality and refinement that distinguishes the Japanese from other societies. and that is the true essence of Yonex today and since its origins.

The Yonex Vcore family is the intermediate line of the firm and we could say that it is a racket more oriented towards players who are looking for more power over control, but there are no mistakes, the quality of the materials and the structure of the racket ensures that you will have at your disposal the control that your shots need.

Are you already clear that your tennis calls for a Yonex Vcore?

Now we are going to see which one exactly, at Onlytenis you have at your disposal a team of professionals willing to help you with any doubts that may arise, we will listen to you and try to advise you so that the experience of buying your new tennis racket is unforgettable .

Yonex Vcore 95. This model is intended for professional players who need spin and speed in their shots. Its weight of 310 grams and 16x20 string pattern is within what can be played by a level player, but its 95-inch head conditions it to be used by the best hands.

Yonex Vcore 98. We've dropped the weight to 305 grams, extended the head to 98 inches, and now we have a perfect racket for competition and advanced players who have precise shots and need extra power and spin in their shots.

Yonex Vcore 100. This This version is the most demanded due to the balance in all its parameters and because it is suitable for intermediate and/or advanced players. Wider sweet spot, extraordinary power and speed, and an insane ability to create spin.

Yonex Vcore 98L. Ideal racket for intermediate players looking for a lighter racket (285 grams) and more manageable, without sacrificing power and spin.

Yonex Vcore 100L. Any player will wield this 280 gram version and can play tennis like a little kid. Sweet spot, wider, fast, manageable, powerful and with an ease for effects that will surprise you.

The Vcore Game and Feel models. They are the introductory models to the Vcore line with lighter weights, perfect for beginners looking for premium quality and young players moving from junior to adult.

As you can see, surely among all of them there is the one that suits you best and if you are not sure, you know…. Contact Onlytenis