How to choose your tennis and padel clothing?

The textile sector has come a long way in recent years, today the market offers us a wide variety of fabrics and technologies that help us enjoy sport more, and at Onlytenis we are going to help you get to know them and know choose which one suits us best. In the first place we are going to recommend that you always buy garments from recognized brands and with minimum quality standards, it is useless to have access to such advanced garments if we do not use them later, among the most recognized brands you will find Joma, Wilson, Head, K -swiss, Adidas, and many others widely known.

These brands do not necessarily have to be expensive, their value lies mainly in the polyester fabrics and the quality of the cottons used in their preparation, they always present garments that take care of our skin, keeping it fresh and free of chafing and rashes that On the other hand, they provoke garments from unknown brands. As all of us who practice sports know, we need elastic and comfortable garments that allow us to move, that help to evacuate moisture from sweating, helping our skin not to suffer, and at a reasonable price.

Why buy your sportswear at Onlytenis?

At Onlytenis we have been linked to sport for more than 30 years dressing many players of all levels, teams, clubs and we have a wide range of clothing at the best prices. Aware of the needs of our customers, we only work with the best brands, selecting those garments that we consider best for our customers and maintaining an unbeatable quality/price ratio.

At Onlytenis you have a team ready to advise you on everything you need, t-shirts, polo shirts, skirts, shorts, sweatshirts, dresses, tracksuits... we know how important it is to equip yourself well, there are many factors that influence our body during tennis. practice sports, such as sweating, temperature, solar radiation. Nowadays, the main brands already provide solutions in their products to combat these factors, including UV filters to protect our skin from the sun, numerous areas with micro-perforated fabrics strategically located in the garments, preventing chafing from occurring and helping the temperature body remains stable, and the skin cool and dry.

At Onlytenis we not only offer you sportswear for your tennis and paddle tennis matches, you will also find clothes for before and after training in our catalog, as important as the clothes we wear during the practice. It is important during the winter to arrive warm so that our muscles are able to warm up as soon as possible and avoid undesirable injuries, we will achieve this with sweatshirts, jackets, long pants or tracksuits. And in summer, light clothing made of fresh cotton that allows us to arrive at our matches at the right temperature and avoid heat stroke and physical pre-exhaustion.

Remember that we are specialists in kits for teams and clubs and we have rates and prices for all needs. Contact us and we will be happy to help you.