Wilson tennis rackets

Brand founded in 1913 by Thomas E. Wilson, paradoxically arose from a New York company dedicated to the marketing of meat products, but it has an explanation. Some meat products were used to make strings for tennis rackets (Gut), violin strings, surgical suture. Later he expanded his market to baseball shoes and tennis rackets. Throughout its history there have been sales of the company, the second world war until in 1989 it passed to a Finnish company called Amer Sports. Its headquarters are in Chicago and it is a brand with a very strong representation of all its products in the US market and in all sports disciplines, where it has always sponsored the best teams and professionals. Being the one we have most present today a certain Roger Federer.

Well, introducing you with this brief history is so that we become aware of the relevance of the brand and the importance and quality of its products. At Onlytenis we always work to offer you the best and at Wilson we are going to offer you the best tennis rackets, from junior tennis rackets to those used by our world tennis idols like Roger Federer, Nisikori or the great Serena Williams, you will have the best Wilson racket bag, Wilson backpacks, accessories and an extensive catalog of tennis balls that will cover all your needs on the court. Surely you all know the mythical US OPEN tennis balls or the Championship so used in tennis clubs.

Buy Wilson tennis rackets at Onlytenis

At Onlytenis we constantly work to offer our customers the best products on the market. In the wide, serious and precious collection of Wilson tennis rackets we will find the racket used by Roger Federer himself, the Pro Staff 97 RF Autograph, and all its sisters from less weight but with the same quality so that we can all enjoy this great racket, or the Blade series used by Serena Williams among others. All rackets have extremely high quality standards from children's and junior rackets to senior rackets. You can complete your equipment with other Wilson brand products such as racket bags and backpacks that accompany each of the lines that Wilson has on the market.

How to choose my Wilson racket?

At Onlytenis we have a team of professionals who will be happy to help you if you need it. Our team is constantly training and we know the products in depth in order to help you ensure that the result of your purchase is the desired one. In addition, we always have the best prices and promotional packs so that you can fully equip yourself and nothing is left to chance.

Our goal is always customer satisfaction and we know that with our years of experience and Wilson we are going to provide it.

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