Babolat is above all the story of a family whose relationship with sport begins in 1875 with the birth of tennis and badminton. The Lyon brand was founded and grew from a raw material, natural gut, with which it created the first racket strings, thus becoming a leader in racquet sports equipment. Babolat develops specialized frames, strings, shoes, clothing, balls, grips, accessories and backpacks for male and female players as well as technical equipment for racquet construction professionals.

Babolat puts tradition and innovation at the service of players. The champions of the most prestigious badminton, tennis and paddle tennis competitions in the world take the brand to the highest level.



Created in 1875 in Lyon, France, Babolat is the oldest international brand specializing in racquet sports. With more than 150 years of experience, observing the game at the foot of the court and in close contact with the players, Babolat has developed a technical knowledge thanks to which it can propose the best and most adapted in all its products. And this, always with the same objective: to offer all tennis, badminton and paddle tennis enthusiasts a material that allows them to enjoy themselves, that favors their abilities and that transmits all the energies of the game.



"The fact that Babolat is a family business makes me feel closer to them" - Rafael Nadal


PURE AERO: Natural evolution of the Aeropro Drive, Babolat seeing Rafa Nadal's aggressive swing, wanted to make some adjustments to the frame in such a way that it would allow the tennis player to hit faster without losing the spin in his strokes.

PURE DRIVE: All the power within reach of everything. Without a doubt, the most popular line among players and fans, thanks to the ease it shows in its handling and its unlimited power. Babolat has sponsored some of the best tennis players and the Pure Drive legacy has continued with Andy Roddick, Garbiñe Muguruza and Fabio Fognini.

PURE STRIKE: We could consider that the Pure Strike line is the application of control to the combination of power and effects. Babolat calls it "modern control." Once again, it is the product of perseverance and the wisdom of listening to both professional tennis players and club players.

INTERMEDIATE RANGES: Babolat undoubtedly carries out an in-depth study and work to offer the most beginner or occasional players a wide line where it puts all its knowledge to offer products with excellent qualities and weights and properties more suitable to this type of player.

JUNIOR LINE: We are going to have a wide range of rackets that goes from the little ones who start with mini tennis to the promising young junior tennis players and future great players. Among the junior models we will find the versions of Pure Aero, Pure Drive and Pure Strike, which will mark the path of future tennis champions.

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