Why buy string reels at Onlytenis?

String is one of the most important elements in tennis after the racket and the string that we are going to assemble is as important as the format in which we buy it. At Onlytenis we have more than 30 years of experience in the field of tennis at the court, we know first-hand the management of the rope and the strings when we go to tournaments or simply in training, and for that we are going to explain to you why buy our ropes in reels.

In the market there are three sizes of main coils that are 100 meters, 200 meters and 220 meters , occasionally you can find a brand that varies these formats to 110 meters or even more than 220 meters. We do not recommend sizes greater than 220 meters for optimization reasons.

When you buy your coil strings, what you are doing directly is SAVE . The length of. The average string used by a stringer on a 16x19 pattern racket is 11.50 meters, which means that from a coil of 200 meters we will get to string 17 rackets approx . depending on the surface of the head. The account is simple, take the price of a set of the rope you use and you can see yourself saving.

What size reel do I buy?

The most common coil sizes are 100 meters, 200 meters and 220 meters. The choice of one size or another is very personal, keep in mind that where you find the most savings per meter is in the 200 meters, but you must make a correct reading of the use you give to the string.

If you are a player who does not break rope frequently, you may be interested in buying 100 meter reels or even individual sets, but if you break at least one racket every one or two weeks you are interested in the 200 meter format, everything that Whether consuming the coil over a year is already profitable, if on the contrary you think it lasts more than a year, buy one shared with someone or a smaller format. The string, if kept in a dry place and a good average temperature, does not suffer deterioration.

Buying your coil string is more important than we could imagine, having 200 meters of rope will guarantee that we have our rope available in the event of any incident, and that means confidence in the player, especially when we We move to a tournament where we carry all our rackets strung, but suddenly we pass more rounds than planned, it is hotter or more humid than expected and we break faster than usual. At that moment is when we appreciate carrying our coil in the bag, we can be calm because we only need a stringer to mount them. You will not have to mount another rope because the club or tournament does not have the rope that you use.

All are advantages as you can see, savings, availability and confidence.