Babolat Pure Strike Rackets

It was in 2017 when for the first time we tried the Babolat Pure Strike that came to break a little with the profile of the rackets that Babolat had on the market where power and wide profile predominated. In this case, he put on the court a perfect racket for aggressive players who hit hard using long and fast movements, for which they need a control racket. That place has been conquered by the Babolat Pure Strike.

The evolution in the 2019 model followed the established line including new technologies in order to further strengthen control over the game, such as Control Frame and the C2 Pure Feel.

The Pure Strike is a racket with absolute precision and total control over the stroke. The Control Frame Technology provides the racket with improved stability, improving control and the C2 Pure Feel allows the player to obtain the best sensations when hitting.

The most representative player on the circuit with this racket is Dominique Thiem who has constantly collaborated with Babolat in its evolution so that we can all enjoy the final product.

Available versions of the Pure Strike:

Pure Strike Lite< /span>, With its 265 grams of weight, it is ideal for junior players who go to adult racket or for players who need a light racket.

Pure Strike Team, perfect for intermediate players looking for that point of control but with a racket weighing 285 grams, easy to move and with qualities almost similar to its older sisters.

Pure Strike 100, aggressive players decide on this model, its 300 grams of weight gives them the sensations they need and the necessary mass for their shots while having a 100-inch head it has a more tolerant sweet spot.< /p>

Pure Strike 16/19, the most advanced player, who has an accuracy in its excellent shots and that it centers the shot is usually decided by this version of 305 grams of weight and 98 inches of head. In this version they find that control tennis with the power they need.

Pure Strike 18/20, of all the most difficult to handle, not because of its weight, which is 305 grams, but because of the density of the sieve with an 18/20 string pattern on a 98-inch headstock. Players who hit very hard do enjoy this version because they feel like they can hit that long shot with 100% of their power and the shot is loaded with precision.

There is a Pure Strike for each player. What is yours?